Congratulations to Sandip Rai

Where All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) is a failure; the National footballers have started their professionalism by themselves. After Striker Anil Gurung signed 3 year contract with the Indian I league club SHILONG LAJONG; now it’s the National team Midfielder / Defender Sandip Rai. Sandip Rai signed 8 month contract with Indian Second division club MOHAMMADAN SPORTING CLUB of Calcutta. He will get Nrs. 1.2 Million for 8 months.

Congratulations Sandip. Keep up the good work & keep the ball rolling.


One Response to Congratulations to Sandip Rai

  1. Sushil Thapa says:

    I am more than elated for promising Rai. This indeed is a significant breakthrough for the youngster who has been playing outstanding football over the years. His hard work has paid rich dividends.
    Hopefully, long as Rai is with the Kolkota giant Mohammedan Sporting Club, he makes hay while the sun shines.
    It is very important that he quickly copes with the challenging circumstances and stands out to impress all.
    Playing in Kolkata is certainly not easy. Apart from performing consistently he has to overcome the grind of competitiveness within the team to make it to the playing eleven.
    I am confident that a player of Rai’s caliber can do it. We have to wait and see what unfolds.
    At a time when All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has given nothing but pain to players this kind of opportunity for our players is a bonanza.
    My best wishes to Rai.

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